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comediccanadian said: Halo, Dark Souls, GTA, mostly

I can’t wait for the halo collection

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cascadian-dumpster-water said: Metro 2033 and Last Light. Sometimes I put on my camouflage uniform, gas mask, and ushanka for more atmosphere when I play. The post-apocalypse is my jazz.

Nice I want the new metro still havnt got it yet

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shutupimclever said: Skyrim?


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So what other games do you play besides fallout. Message me your awnser

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If anyone wants to game or chat on steam message me I’ll be more than happy to add you or for you to add me

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Anonymous said: i don't know if it's because its where i live or because the colors are darker, but fallout 3 is far scarier than new vegas.

Yes I think it is

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kojima-hills said: I prefer NV over 3. I love 3 don't get me wrong but I just love that Vegas feeling it gives me Sinatra vibes feel plus combat is way better (yes because of iron sights I don't like relying on vats).

I see your point. But I have iron sights mod for fallout 3. And find get me wrong I love nv but there is just something missing, I can’t put my finger on it

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raddyt said: Fallout confession: I love new Vegas, but it doesn't come anywhere close to being better than fallout 3. Nothing ever will.

Yes well I must admit I did enjoy fallout 3 a bit more than new vegas. But both great games

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